Dental services expand, new clinic opens

Mar 5, 2020

The St. Petersburg Free Clinic has opened a Dental Clinic to provide even more uninsured Pinellas County adults with much-needed dental services. The new Dental Clinic expands the availability of appointments and adds preventative services to its dental services provided to patients.

One in six Pinellas adults were not able to see a dentist in the past year because of cost. Thousands have relied on the Free Clinic’s limited dental services that were provided in partnership with the Pinellas County Health Department and Pinellas Technical College over the past nine years. Last year, the Free Clinic provided dental care, including basic hygiene, fillings, and extractions, to 748 dental patients.

With limited space and lack of dental equipment, the Free Clinic could only offer dental services to patients 5-6 times per month. Now, the Free Clinic will provide dental services to uninsured adults each weekday in a state-of-the-art facility.

“Oral health effects a person’s ability to speak, smile, eat, show emotion, and their self-esteem. It is also linked to chronic diseases – like diabetes and heart disease – that we often see in our Health Center,” said Jennifer Yeagley, CEO of St. Petersburg Free Clinic. “The Dental Clinic goes beyond dental care – it is helping to improve an individuals’ overall health and well-being.”

The dedicated space, additional staff, new equipment and expanded hours allow the Free Clinic to provide patients with a comprehensive hygiene plan – including preventative services like cleanings and education.

Two dentists and one hygienist have joined the Dental Clinic staff and they will see patients on a regular basis. The Dental Clinic will continue to rely on its dedicated team of volunteer dentists and dental hygienists to serve as many people as possible.

The Dental Clinic, located at 5501 4th St. N., is next to the Free Clinic’s Health Center. The Free Clinic’s Health Center provides free primary health care for low-income, uninsured adults in Pinellas County who have little means to receive adequate health care.

The Free Clinic’s Health Center provides more than 5,000 basic health and wellness services – from health screenings to general care to specialty care – for free each year.

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