Prescription Health Program

*formerly known as Drug Assistance Program (DAP)

General Information
Pharmaceutical medications and medical equipment can be costly with or without insurance. We help connect those who enroll in our Prescription Health Program with access to medications and medical equipment at no or reduced cost. We serve as advocates to find solutions to pharmaceutical and medical needs.

SPFC Prescription Health
5501 4th St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Appointments only
Please call to schedule
Contact Information

Phone: 727-327-0333
Email: N/A

SPFC Prescription Health

Who is Eligible?

Enrollment and acceptance in the Prescription Health Program are required to receive support.

Before You Arrive
  • List of medications you need help with.
  • Costs of current medications.
  • Where you are purchasing your medications.
  • Any insurance or federal program that you are participating in that might be able to also assist with costs.




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