Values in Action: Mario Da Silva

Aug 18, 2023

SPFC is starting a new recognition program, Values in Action, highlighting employees who consistently exhibit our values in their work and interactions with volunteers, staff, and the community. 

Our inaugural highlight is Mario DaSilva, SPFC Procurement Manager. He began his career with SPFC as a Jared's Food Bank truck driver in June 2020. With the increased demand for food security, SPFC realized the need to leverage bulk food purchasing. Stepping in to fill that need, Mario was promoted to SPFC Procurement Coordinator and has since developed his leadership skills to that of SPFC Procurement Manager.   

Mario was nominated for exemplifying the value of responsiveness by Elicia Hinson, SPFC Director of Strategic Partnerships. Elicia shares, "Mario raises his hand so many times; I've lost count. He always comes from a place of yes and has a 'We can do this' mindset that makes challenges seem like opportunities." 

Vanessa Chehab, SPFC HR Coordinator, recently interviewed Mario on his work and SPFC Values: 


How does the value of Responsiveness show up in your work? 

Responsiveness in my position is being efficient, getting things completed. I don't like to procrastinate. When I am asked to complete a task, I want others to relax and know that I'm the person who will get things taken care of. 

What would you say is your favorite SPFC Value, and how do you see that displayed in the organization?  

My favorite value is integrity. When we are respectful, every other value falls into place. When you feel respected, you feel a sense of community, you feel empathy for those who respect you, and you are responsive to their request. And I can also see how we respect our clients and employees. 

How do you use SPFC values in approaching your work? 

The values I use the most are responsiveness and integrity. Since my work is very time sensitive, I understand there must be a fast response. When I started in my position, I identified ways to get the most for our dollar. I'm working with grants, budgets, and partners. So, I always ask myself, "Would I do that with my own money?" 

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