Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season is June 1st – November 30th

Know Your Zone

Your evacuation zone changes depending on how far above Sea Level you live. EVACUATION ZONES HAVE RECENTLY BEEN UPDATED!

Search for your address using the Interactive Map from Disaster Florida to learn your evacuation zone.

Your evacuation zone is also printed on your Pinellas County water bill.

Pinellas County Evacuation Zone Map (PDF)

Build Your Emergency Kit

Whether you plan to shelter in place or evacuate, it’s important to have emergency supplies available.

Review with comprehensive list of Emergency Kit Supplies to get started.

Pinellas County Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Pinellas County Hurricane Guide (PDF) 2024 – ENGLISH

Pinellas County Hurricane Guide (PDF) 2024 – SPANISH

Pinellas County Hurricane Guide (PDF) 2024- VIETNAMESE

Pet Prep

Making an emergency plan that includes your pets is an essential part of pet ownership as a Florida Resident.

Review Pinellas County’s guide for Preparing Pets for Emergencies.

Residents with Disabilities and Special Needs

Pinellas County residents with medical, functional or special transportation needs can register for assistance in advance to make sure
you have the resources you need during a disaster evacuation.

Review elligilibty, register, and find more information on shelters and more at Pinellas County’s Special Needs Emergency Information page.




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